Saturday, October 9, 2010

Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 Collection - Pure Color Extravagant

Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 Collection - Pure Color Extravagant. From extravagant lips to extravagant eyes and one of a kind compacts, Estee Lauder introduces the Pure Color Extravagant collection. Available in Oct.

“Fantasy, luxury and of course femininity were my inspirations for this Holiday collection. There are many lip and eye colors to play with and they all have a wonderful texture for an easy application.” — Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder
This holiday season, Estée Lauder invites you to experience the intensely lavish, new luxury in cosmetics with Pure Color Extravagant by Tom Pecheux. Taking cue from the sophistication and contemporary glamour of the upcoming holiday season, Tom Pecheux created new looks for eyes, lips and nails that are layered with dramatic style and color. Luscious reds and opulent golds set the stage for a bold range of textures that wrap your features in alluring holiday elegance. Introducing Estée Lauder Pure Color Extravagant.


* Extravagant Gold Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette ($42.00)


* Extravagant Gold Pure Color Five Color Lip Palette ($42.00)
* Extravagant Red Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick ($22.00)
* Extravagant Berry Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick ($22.00)
* Extravagant Plum Pure Color Gloss ($20.00)
* Star Ruby Pure Color Gloss ($20.00)
* Electric Ginger Color Gloss ($20.00)


* Extravagant Pearl Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($18.00)
* Extravagant Night Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($18.00)

This holiday season, Estée Lauder invites you to experience a unique and collectible solid perfume and powder compact collection that will be treasured for years to come. Each year, Estée Lauder unveils a stunning, limited-edition collection of solid perfume compacts and powder compacts full of extravagant pieces that add heart-warming enchantment to the holiday gift-giving season, and bring a unique joy to existing and future collectors alike. These will be available beginning September 2010 for a limited time.

One-a-Kind Solid Compacts

* Youth Dew Timeless Cameo Availability ($89.00)
* White Linen Jeweled Sea Turtle ($275.00) (Neiman Marcus Exclusive)
* Sensuous Purple Hibiscus ($175.00) (Neiman Marcus Exclusive)
* Pleasures Golden Bird ($89.00)

Solid Perfume Compacts by Jay Strongwater

* Beautiful Wise Ole Owl ($325.00) (Saks Exclusive)
* Pleasures Playful Squirrel ($275.00) (Saks Exclusive)

Exclusive, Timeless Classic Metal Compacts Works of art to collect and treasure, intricately designed and exquisitely crafted, these magnificent compacts are filled and refillable with the universally wearable Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder. Enjoy its beauty for years to come.

* Royal Moon ($49.00)
* Golden Sundial ($49.00)
* Jade Starlight ($175.00) (Saks Exclusive)
* Radiant Bloom ($175.00) (Neiman Marcus Exclusive)
* Metal Compacts by Jay Strongwater
* Exotic Orchid ($225.00) (Saks Exclusive)
* Precious Bluebirds ($225.00) (Neiman Marcus Exclusive)

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