Friday, May 20, 2011

Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Fall 2011 Collection

Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Fall 2011 Collection. If you want to get a sneak peak at some of the hues that will be hot for fall 2011, Givenchy has just released their first fall collection. Looks like dramatic lips are once again on trend. Look below for more details.

Love, fear, fascination, curiosity; all these emotions it brings out, don’t they just make you want it, with all the superstitions and fantasies? Poets’ escape to an imaginary world fevered by its mysterious face of many messages. It influences nature and sentiments and exerts a magnetic disturbance on our will… I love the Moon for the femininity and softness that it suggests, for its light and shadows, for the adorning veil that it delicately places over our lives. To want the Moon is to want what seems unattainable; that is exciting! But technological advances have now made fanciful lunar voyage possible as well as the mastery of light in this collection. Les Ombres de Lune, illuminating powder and intense shadow, are the coalescence of this fantasy source light and contrasted moon. The desire to create shadow where there is none inspired me to a great extent; deflected moonlight that gives a different angle to reality. I wanted to take a cinema makeup technique that has always intrigued me and apply it to beauty. The “American night” demands a different way of working with light; complexion must radiate in bold contrasts, like for a black and white image. I wanted the Moon…For you. — Nicolas Degennes

Les Ombres de Lune

An illuminating powder for cheeks, eyes, complexion and an intense eye shadow for a twilight effect.

* Lune Mysterieuse No. 1 Black moon in a creamy white sky
* Lune Mordoree No. 2 Night blue moon in a golden sky

Le Prisme Blush-Glow

* Lune Rosee No. 41 Dainty sculpting blush with fun pearly colours

Rouge Interdit

* Lune Carmin No. 52 Dark sensual red

Gloss Interdit

* Lune Carmin No. 31 Dark sensual red
Gelee d’Interdit

* Lune Argentee No. 15 Opalescent veil

Magic Khol

* Marine Blue No. 16 Black with bold blue reflections

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