Sunday, May 1, 2011


Beauty Nyi Blorong (Suzanna), the son of Nyi Roro Kidul (Ade Irawan), making the kings and princes fought each other to take it as an empress. Last scramble to stay between King Dewacengkar (Soendjoto Adibroto) from Medangkamulan against Prince Tejo Arum (Clift Sangra) from Galunggung, who loved Nyi Blorong. Originally Tejo Arum was defeated by Dewacengkar, but there were others who wanted Tejo Arum, namely Bayugeni who want to marry with her son, Layungsari (Enny Beatrice). Because it has received the blessing of Nyi Roro Kidul, they can fool the Dewacengkar. Berlangsunglah marriage with Nyi Blorong Tejo Arum. At that moment, a big attack came Dewacengkar in collaboration with Bayugeni. Because Tejo Arum overwhelmed dealing with Dewacengkar, terpaksalah Nyi Roro Kidul help with throwing eggs to be swallowed Tejo Arum. Tejo Arum was changed into a big giant and beat Dewacengkar. Tejo Arum can not be changed again as his form. He must undergo penance for 350 years at Mount Galunggung. With a heavy sense berpisahlah newly-weds


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