Sunday, January 16, 2011

Indonesia Actress Dian Sastrowardoyo

Parents Dian Sastro is an only child, from the late Ariawan Sastrowardoyo ( 1955-1995) and Dewi Parwati Sastrowardoyo. Her grandparents, paternal side, are late Dr. Sumarsono Sastrowardoyo who was a retired                                                         physician and surgeon (and author of the memoir ‘Kembali ke Uteran’ (Return to Uteran) . There is a screenplay in the making, that is based on ‘Kembali ke Uteran’ , where Dian will  be playing her own great-grandmother. Aside from her beautiful looks, another fact that stands out is her long last name, Sastrowardoyo, which is derived from sastra (which means ‘ writings’ in Sanskrit), literally meaning ‘ writings of the heart .’ Hobbies Her hobbies are watching and reading anything that is related to art. Dian embraced Islam after previously converted to Catholicism. She once had a column in the magazine  GIRL where she tried to channel her love for writing and communicated with her fans. Education TK : Don Bosco SD : SD Strada Van Lith II, Duren Sawit, Jakarta SLTP: SMP Vincentius Otista, Jakarta SLTA: SMA Tarakanita I, Pulo Raya, Jakarta S1 :  University Indonesia (lulus Juli 2007) First public appearance Dian’s first public appearance happened on the cover of a teen magazine, Gadis. She went on and gained more popularity after starring as Daya in Pasir Berbisik ( Whispering Sand , directed by Nan Triveni Achnas ). Dian Sastro’s career really took off after starring in the box office film ‘ Ada apa dengan cinta? ‘ This movie became popular not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia. After setting a name for herself in the movie industry, she starred in movies like ‘Banyu Biru’ ( 2005) , ‘Belahan Jiwa’ (2006) and Unggu Violet ( 2005) . She can also bee seen in a Malaysian produced movie called ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ ( 2005) . Among her latest movies is Fana: The Forbidden Love , which comes from a Turkish film company. Fana was scheduled to appear early December, 2010 , to commemorate the Tsunami disaster in Aceh in 2004. She also stars in ‘ Cintaku Di Kabut Toba ‘ (2010), which is directed by the famous director Chaerul Umam. Dian Sastro is starring next to Nicholas Saputra (the fourth time they are working together). They have been paired once again just like in ‘ Ada apa Dengan Cinta ‘ (2002), ‘ 3 Doa, 3 Cinta ‘ (2008) and ‘ Drupadi ‘ (2008). ‘ Cintaku Di Kabut Toba ‘ tells about Seruni, a famous actress, who is trying to run away from the hectics of the entertainment industry and moving into a remote ‘kampung’ (village) in Toba, North Sumatra. There she meets Samosir, played by Nicholas Saputra, who changes the life of Seruni drastically. They fall in love. However, Seruni suddenly moves back to Jakarta, without saying a word to Samosir. Husband Dian Sastro is married to racing driver and businessman Indraguna Sutowo. They got married on May 18 , 2010. Indraguna Sutowo is also known as the son of tycoon Adiguna Sutowo. Awards In 2002 Dian was awarded ‘Best Actress’ by the Deauville Asian Film Festival as well as a ‘Most Favorite Actress Nomination’ by the SCTV awards. Her latest achievements include ‘Actress of the Year’  for the movie ’3 Doa 3 Cinta’ handed out by the ELLE Film MAGAZINE USA Awards. During the USA Magazine Indonesia Awards in 2010 she received ‘Most Favorite Actress yet again, this time for the movie ‘Drupadi’.

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