Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Pim is just another ordinary woman. She moved from Thailand and started a new life in Korea with her caring and loving husband. But one night, a phone call from Thailand changes her life forever. Pim learns that her mother is gravely ill with an unknown disease, and she and her husband Lee rush back to Thailand. The moment she arrives in Thailand, the flashbacks begin – painful memories long buried, along with a strange, familiar feeling. These things only grow stronger as she reaches the house where she grew up. She is inundated with a nostalgia that is sweet, but with an undercurrent of terror and a realization that someone is there, right beside her, always. That someone had always been there. The secret of Pim and her family has slowly been revealed: she was once a Siamese twin! Pim and her conjoined twin sister underwent an operation to separate them. However, her sister died during the attempt. Now Pim suddenly feels her relentless presence. Will she regain the normal life she once had?

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