Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dance of The Dragon (Korea)

Cast : Hyuk Jang, Fann Wong, Jason Scott Lee

Korean country boy Tae has dreamed of being a famous ballroom dancer since his first encounter with the beautiful art form when he was a young boy. Twenty years later, self taught with the aid of dance videos, Tae knows the only way to take the next step is to leave Korea for Singapore where he can be trained by Emi Lim, a former ballroom dancing champion forced into early retirement due to an injury and now renowned for her ability to take dancers to great heights.

As the only student in the class without a partner, Tae sometimes partners Emi in training. Before long it becomes apparent that he has developed feelings for her. Too professional to be involved with a student, Emi continues with her efforts to train her dancers for the upcoming national ballroom dancing championship.
Tae struggles with life in his new environment so far away from home, from finding a place to live, to locking down a job to survive. He is beset with obstacles, but none loom larger than Cheng – Emi’s boyfriend and former martial arts champion. Cheng’s concern for Emi has him take a watchful and protective approach over matters concerning her. Threatened by the new student, Cheng warns Tae to stay away from ‘his girl.’ It is a warning that soon turns to threats.

‘Dance Of The Dragon’ - starring Korean heartthrob Jang Hyuk, Singapore’s Fann Wong and Hollywood’s Jason Scott Lee - is an inspiring love story set amidst other tender and multi-dimensional relationships. The initial sparks of what could be a new romance plays off against a couple falling out of love, a student and teacher, a father and son, a mother’s influence and competing suitors. All are explored with sensitivity, delicacy and refined artistry.

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