Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Jonesy, Pete, Beaver and Henry are all childhood friends, kept together by a special secret they share. Once every year, they go on a hunting trip to the Jefferson Tract. This year is different. They shelter a man who has been lost for days in the woods in the middle of a still-continuing blizzard.

The man has odd marks on his face. As they discover the awful truth of what he is infected with, the military attempts to quarantine an alien virus as a result of an alien crash landing.

The four friends must survive the alien infection and overpower a crazed military admiral who prepares to wipe out the whole Jefferson Tract in order to contain the alien infection.
Cast : Morgan Freeman,Thomas Jane,Jason Lee,Damian Lewis,Timothy Olyphant,Donnie Wahlberg

Dreamcatcher (400X241)Dreamcatcher (400X241)Dreamcatcher (400X261)Dreamcatcher (400X262)Dreamcatcher (400X263)Dreamcatcher (400X264)Dreamcatcher (400X264)Dreamcatcher (400X265)Dreamcatcher (400X266)Dreamcatcher (400X266)Dreamcatcher (400X268)Dreamcatcher (400X270)Dreamcatcher (400X300)Dreamcatcher (300X447)Dreamcatcher (300X450)Dreamcatcher (300X450)Dreamcatcher (300X450)Dreamcatcher (300X450)Dreamcatcher (300X450)Dreamcatcher (300X458)Dreamcatcher (163X134)

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