Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Gambler The Girl And The Gunslinger

Two mortal enemies must band together to defend the ranch they’ve both staked their claim on in this rollicking Western comedy starring Dean Cain and Natasha Henstridge. When B.J. (James Tupper) wagered half of his ranch in a bet with Shea (Cain), he never thought he’d come out on the losing end. Now that ownership of the ranch is split down the middle, the two gamblers can’t quite agree on anything. The most hotly contested debate to result from the wager isn’t theranch , however, but the hand of the lovely Liz Calhoun (Allison Hossack). Both men want Liz, but neither man can have her. When a gang of bandits makes a bid for theranch, B.J. and Shea momentarily put their differences aside to fight shoulder to shoulder against a common enemy

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