Friday, September 3, 2010

My New Partner (Korea)

Pemain: Ahn Sung Ki, Jo Han Sun
Consummate veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki bids adieu to Park Joong Hoon, his crazy partner from Nowhere to Hide, to pair up with young and handsome heartthrob Jo Han Sun (Now and Forever) in the action comedy thriller My New Partner.

It's Ahn Sung Ki as you've never seen him before! Sporting a boorish outfit and a scruffy hairdo, the veteran actor portrays an aging, freewheeling cop who reunites with his estranged son to take on police corruption. Jo plays the son, a big-time police investigator, who together with his father reluctantly pursues a messy drug-related case - and in the process, rekindles their strained relationship. Featuring one of the most entertaining screen chemistries ever seen in a Korean buddy cop film, My New Partner also casts Jo's real-life brother Jo Han Joon as the young Jo Han Sun. Offering non-stop rollercoaster action and witty, in-your-face dialogue My New Partner is one thrill ride you won't want to miss.

Growing up with an overwhelming disapproval of his cop dad, who liked to accept bribes and fool around with women, Young Joon (Jo Han Sun), becomes an elite internal affairs investigator on a mission to wipe out all police corruption. He comes across a new case that links one of his colleagues to an illegal drug trade, and heads to Pusan to follow up. But when he gets there, he meets his new partner - his own dad, Min Ho (Ahn Sung Ki)! Unfortunately it's a reunion both men have avoided for the past 8 years. Min Ho is beloved by his peers, but his playful, casual manner doesn't sit well with the straitlaced Young Joon. Nonetheless, they're a perfect match: Min Ho's instincts combined with Young Joon's sharp analysis brings the reluctant partners close to nailing the case. But what they uncover is utterly startling!
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