Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Skeleton Crew

With blood soaked twists, directors Tero Molin and Tommi Lepola create a Skeleton Crew that is an enjoyably grue strewn adventure.

Tero and Temmu Molin’s script concerns a Finnish film crew recreating a fictionalized version of murders that took place thirty years hence. Of course, these dedicated professionals are filming in the asylum where the bloodshed originally occurred and once the tapes of the original murders are uncovered, hell naturally erupts within the confines of the old crazy house’s walls. Indeed, the dedicated director takes it upon himself to make sure that all the torturous death scenes are very, very accurate!

Molin and Lepola work well by allowing the bleak surroundings to became paramount to the film’s success and the cast and crew are just memorably annoying enough to truly enjoy watching Steve Porter (alternatingly humorous and truly frightening as the increasingly addled director) find excessively body punishing ways to pick them off.

Indeed, the Molins’ last revelation also adds a slight tang of originality to this fun yet tried and true piece making Skeleton Crew a horror film that one truly wants to – ahem – watch from start to ‘Finnish’!
Cast : Rita Suomalainen, Steve Porter, Anna Alkiomaa

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