Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crysis Razor 1911

Crysis Razor 1911 (ENG)

Crysis Razor 1911 (PC/ENG)
Language: English
PC | Developer: Crytek | Publisher: Electronic Arts |
Genre: Action (Shooter)/3D/1st Person

People not just represent the end of the world, attributing fatal flood the executioner, a terrible disease, nuclear war. Actually everything went a few more exotic. Collapsed into one of the outer islands spaceship asteroid was huge to completely change the Earth's climate. Who went to study anomalies, North Korea and the United States became the sole defender of mankind! Get face-to-face encounter with the unknown enemy is in this battle, you have a critical role to play!

New, exciting thriller Crysis is a brilliant creations of Crytek Studios, famous project Far Cry! The players to become a leader of an elite American units and go to the island, where he was discovered by Starship aliens. The world is constantly changing, a huge territory is covered by ice around vmig raging hurricanes and tornadoes. But most importantly, on the island there are those who are going to destroy humanity!
The game features:
-Plot, good book! Potential adversaries-armed forces of North Korea and NATO have to unite in the face of new threats. You will be taken in the very centre of chilling events and become a witness to the slow death of Earth!
-Fully customizable world! Everything is changing very eyes, and the reason not only ship aliens. Each shot and blast leaves an indelible mark on the island!
-The most intelligent enemies! Opponents are trained with incredible speed! In group or individually, with a powerful weapon and normal pistols at any place and any time they make povolnovat?sa even experienced players. Get ready, Crysis will change your perceptions about artificial intelligence!
Soldiers don't surrender without a fight! All manoeuvres and tricks virtual soldier comes from the United States Army tactical schemes! Military act as operating real fighters.
-Technique saves the world! In Crysis, you will manage the trucks, tanks, boats and helicopters. The battle for the fate of humanity you won't forget ever!
-In than a Hollywood movie! New kernel CryENGINE 2 works wonders. High quality graphics, animation, true-to-new special effects and interactivity combined with excellent rezissur set new standards for the industry of computer games!
-Create your world! Unique editor lets you easily design your own cards both for single and multiplayer gaming. Experience with 3D graphics are not required to create a masterpiece to everyone!
-Save the world with your friends! Collective mode supports the simultaneous participation of thirty-two players! Battle on the water, land and air together with his friends-bright enough for everyone!

Minimum requirements:
-CPU: Athlon 64 3000 +/Intel 2.8 GHz
-Graphics: Nvidia 6200 or ATI x 1300-Shader Model 2 0.
-RAM: 768 MB on Windows XP or on Windows Vista 1 GB
-HDD: 6 GB
-Internet: 256 k +
-Optical Drive: DVD
-Software: DX9.0 c with Windows XP

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