Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merchants Of Brooklyn

Merchants Of Brooklyn (PC/ENG) | 839 MB

The game unfolds in the distant future. The 3100, as a result of global warming was flooding. Street washed away, but people found out amp 8211 they built new homes in the drowning of buildings. As the name implies, the events are taking place in Brooklyn. On the upper tiers of oligarchs, and settled at the bottom, as usual, the dregs of society. For further development, oligarchy actively begun genetic experiments, which have been withdrawn and cloned Neanderthals, because they are very adaptable creatures to live in such conditions. Extra Neanderthal launched the bottom longlines, where the local Mafia began to use them to fight against competitors and to participate in the fighting.

System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP or Vista
- Processor: Processor 2 GHz
- RAM: 2 GB
- Video card: GeForce 6800 class, ATI 9800Pro or higher
- Disk space: 2 GB
- Sound: DirectX 9.0 c-compatible sound card
- Office: keyboard, mouse



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