Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fallout 3: Fate of Wanderer Global

Fallout 3: Fate of Wanderer Global MOD PACK v.1.3 RC3 (PC/2010/MULITI2/ADDON)
Language: RUS / ENG | PC | Developer: Bethesda Studios | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | 3.67 GB
Genre: Action / RPG (ADDON)

Updates on the November 2010 modification, which significantly expands the scope of the gameplay and gives maximum detail set for themselves the balance of the game. In the modification includes many translated into Russian quests, new locations, expanded the old, new weapons, armor kits, opponents and companions.

Requirements: all DLC (Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta)

What is included in the assembly:
Interesting, well-designed, translated into Russian Quests
New weapons and armor sets, are comfortable with the atmosphere of the game
New perks, do not break the overall balance of the game
Extending the maximum level to 99
New companions, each of which, in its own way is unique
Many new enemies and increase their number
Custom rebalance
Interesting location, houses and cities
New radio station
Visual improvements

What is not in the assembly:
"Fresh and smelling of paint" weapons
Bright and "cartoony" that do not fit into the atmosphere textures
Tons of unnecessary waste in the form of low-grade armor, weapons, and homes for HS
Green grass (OO) and trees on the wasteland
Construction of buildings and mods aka SIMS
Items and bonuses in violation of the overall balance of the game
Untranslated plugins
Heaps of bugs

- This modification is assembled entirely by hand and all the plugins manually adapted to each other, checked for serviceability and edited in order to meet the balance.
- The quality of the translation sites do not idelnoe and sometimes skips English phrases, but not by PROMT
- The distribution included patch the game to version 1.7, required for proper operation of the modification.

Install and run:
>> Start the installation using the exe file.
>> Specify the path to the installed game Fallout 3, and click "Install"
>> In the final installation screen, put all the checkboxes (except zapsutit FOW - is at the discretion) and activate / install any automatically launched patches.
>> Start the game, using a shortcut "Fallout 3 FoW".
>> Click "Auto sort" and tick all the plugins (do not forget to turn off the "extra" plug-ins).
>> Click "Launch FOSE".


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