Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ahmad Albab 1968

Mashood is a rich man who believes that happiness and wealth are the same thing, and that both are in his hands. He has three daughters: Zahara, Suhara and Mastura. Zahara and Suhara share his life philosophies, but Mastura doesn’t and frequently clashes with their father. Mashood decides to prove his beliefs by marrying off Zahara and Suhara to two young men (Muharram and Safar) from wealthy families while Mastura is married off to a poor goat-herder named Syawal.

Syawal and Mastura live a simple life together in Syawal’s village but are happy. One day, as he is herding the goats, one of them wanders away from the pack. Syawal follows it into a cave, where he sees a large chest of a treasure. A djinn appears and tells Syawal that the treasure belongs to Ahmad Albab, who is the only person who can claim it. Syawal obeys the djinn and leaves.

Elsewhere, Muharram and Safar have used up all their wives’ money and decide to steal from a jewelry store, pretending in front of their wives that their business has boomed. Using this money, they buy the goats that Syawal was herding, putting him out of a job. However Mastura has started up a small farm next to their house, and this becomes their new livelihood.


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