Thursday, February 17, 2011

Foto Seksi Ashanty

Foto Seksi Ashanty hot indo sexy artis celebrity style picAshanty Hard Practicing

Ashanty increasingly warm discussed. The singer is known for her hits "Dulu" was mentioned as a potential partner Anang Hermansyah new duet. Really?

Met at a music studio in South Jakarta, Ashanty look serious practice. Women who began his career in modeling is currently preparing the third single titled True Lies Demi's work.

Recognized Ashanty, the duet with Anand still in the initial level. If indeed so, he hopes to be a duet partner with quality, even capable of exceeding Syahrini fame.

Meanwhile, former wife of Sam, Kris Kristofferson, responding to the emergence of Ashanty with a smile. "Whoever the candidate pair Anand, I support the best," said KD.

Ashanty meet Anand in a year-end event in Bali. Singer song I Want You, You Want SHe was denied any special relationship with Anand. "Candidate's wife? No, perhaps close friends," lid Ashanty.

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