Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seniman Bujang Lapok (1961)

The best of the Bujang Lapok’s films. A rare non-slapstick comedy that blends well the art of entertaining, picturing everyday’s life of the 60′s era (a coffee for 5 cent anyone?) and of course the magic touch of giving out moral value in such a simple way. There are really some great comedy like the trio’s first screen test, the part where the trio filming Bujang Lapok In Baghdad (esp. the cow-poo dream peak) and the chaos they encounter as they learning their script.

The dialog between Sudin and Aziz about ‘new house’was in fact a marvelous spontaneous moment – that is now scarcely (or even none) in nowadays comedy flicks. And one might realise there are messages can be deduced from such sequence of “Hoi Singh!” outside the studio or the classic neighbours nightly havoc. You can call me nuts, but whether this film is aired on TV for the um-teenth times, I would be there to chill out and have those laugh (til tears sometimes) all by myself. Well, a bujang lapok like me has nothing else to do on a lazy weekend.


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