Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hart's War

World War II is in its final months when Col. McNamara (Bruce Willis) finds himself captured and taken prisioner by the Germans. As the ranking officer, it is his duty to take care of the men and to do all that he can to help them to escape. Finally, he sees his chance when the Germans are busy with a murder and court martial and Hart puts together a daring plan not just to escape, but to take out a nearby military stockpile nearby in the process. Lt. Hart (Colin Farrell) finds himself also a captor at the same camp. As a desk jockey in the service, he never expected to even see action, much less become a war captive. He seems too pure, too innocent to be of any help, but the trials and tribulations he faces help him to become the man he must be when everyone is counting on him for their escape.


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